Spring has Sprung….kind of, maybe…

As the mounds of ice covered snow begin to melt away in New York City, I have found some really yucky stuff on the streets!!  On the other hand, as I walked across Park Avenue today, I saw these….

Will Ryman roses on Park Avenue

Roses blooming along Park Avenue

The Alice in Wonderland size roses (some are 25 feet tall) are blooming up and down Park Avenue…

green bug on pink rose

Pink rose with a big green bug

Artist Will Ryman is the creator of these magnificent roses that grace the dividers on Park Avenue from 57th to 67th streets.  The roses will be in full bloom until May 31st….I’d call that a super bloomer for sure!!!!


Spring has Sprung….kind of, maybe… — 5 Comments

  1. You can leave us in Green Acres but you cannot escape the bugs!
    (although it is not a giant mosquito)…thanks for bringing the City Life to us.

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