Animals invade Louis Vuitton

The Christmas window displays in New York City are a must see during the holidays.  But check out what I saw in the windows at Louis Vuitton at 57th St. and 5th Avenue. 

Louis Vuitton Rabbit sculpture

Year of the Rabbit by LV

The window is full of these animal creations that are made from LV belts, bags, keychains and jewelry.  Every Chi Omega I know needs one of these….

Louis Vuitton owl bag art

give a hoot, don't polute

Someone call the Bronx Zoo and tell them LV stole their giraffe!!!

Giraffe in Louis Vuitton window

Giraffe style for Spring 2011

Be on the look out for this studded, pedicure look for spring.  If you see this trend on the streets in the upcoming months, you will at least have been warned in advanced!!

studded giraffe hoof

Giraffe footwear - who knew?

   Here are two more that caught my attention.

green leather Louis Vuitton frog

Begging to be kissed

Louis Vuitton leather crab purse

A crab anyone could love


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