And the adventure began…

DJ on the Top of the Rock

The view from the Top of the Rock

The conversation went something like this.  “So what do you think about moving to New York City?”, Mark asked.  “I can be ready to leave in about 5 minutes!”, D.J. replied.  And that’s when the adventure started.  I’ve always loved New York City.  I’m a creative person at heart and this city really sets my brain on fire.  All you have to do is walk outside, hit the sidewalk and the adventure starts.  From the people, buildings, sounds, art, music, food, theater, etc, there is something thought provoking in every step I take.  “It sounds over whelming”, you might say. And it can be overwhelming at times. But living here now as opposed to being dropped into the energy of the city for a few days and then transported back to Arkansas, gives me the luxury of taking it all in on my own terms and at my own pace.   What I hope to convey here to those of you have decided to read this is to let you in on my view from up here!  I’ll be blogging about my new geographical location, my physical locations and my “spiritual” view from time to time.  I am a die hard yogi and you will read about how yoga has opened my mind to new views I never thought possible.  Enjoy “The View From Up Here” and let me know if it gives you some new perspective on big city living.


And the adventure began… — 8 Comments

  1. Glad Gin turned me on to your blog – don’t know how to get to blogs or even do them. Think I will enjoy yours when I can find it. So glad all your girls have stayed in touch.

  2. Love the view from up there! So nice to look at the world through someone else’s eyes. Congrats on your new blog.

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