Winter Break…let’s fly south!

As a Southern girl who really has an aversion to extreme heat, I’ve never fully appreciated why so many Northern folk flock to the South during the winter months.  After living through this crazy New York City winter, I totally “get” it!!  Dear, Lord!!!  It has been insanely cold these last few months.  So, when  school let out for winter break, we flew the coop and headed to some sun and sand ourselves in Grand Cayman!!! 

Blue waters of Grand Cayman

My favorite colors

See how blue that water looks?  It really is THAT blue…

I swam with a stingray…on accident!!  I saw him pass underneath me and tried to remain calm as I tapped into my yoga breathing!!  And swam like a fish to get back in the boat!!!

We played with Sammy the starfish.

Sammy the starfish

Treasures from the sea

And enjoyed some beach side reading material

Beach reading materials

Must have beach reading material!

and of course an adult beverage…or two!

margarita on the beach

Yummy beach drinks!

And watched the perfect day come to a spectacular end…

Sunset on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Beautiful ending to a perfect day

We made memories.

D.J. and Corbin on Seven Mile Beach

Chilling with my favorite little man

 That’s my view from up here about being down in Grand Cayman.  A shift in location, especially a tropical one,  is always good for your soul.

Cayman spelled out in the sand

Beach artwork


Winter Break…let’s fly south! — 4 Comments

  1. Sammy obviously survived from his previous encounter with me! So glad you guys has fun and got to soak up the sun! Love and Miss you-

  2. Soooo sorry that you are not having a great winter but glad to know someone gets a winter break. I moved South not North. Savannah’s weather has been in the low 70′s this week and in the 80′s last week but the Grand Caymans would have been nice thanks for the invite:-) Love the pics. Miss you guys and hope to see all of you soon.

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