Hotel Transylvania – My Two Cents on the First 30 Minutes.

When I received the invitation from The Moms for an advanced screening of Hotel Transylvania in 3D followed by a Q and A session with Fran Drescher at the Sony Screening Room in Manhattan,  I thought it would be a fun film to see with Corbin.  It is animated, in 3D and timely as Halloween is not too far away.

The film was fun. However, about 30 minutes into it, Corbin was ready to leave.  I will say that the PG rating should have given me pause as my 7-year-old is still frightened by Finding Nemo.

What I can tell you about the 30 minutes of the film is this.  I really liked it.  Hotel Transylvania  was funny, humorous, the 3D touch was fantastic and the voices were great.  The cast consists of Adam Sandler as a vampire.  He is a ridiculously overprotective father of his 118-year-old daughter, Mavis.  Selena Gomez lends her voice to Mavis, who is determined to meet a human after her father agrees to let her out of the hotel for her 118th birthday. Kevin James, Andy Samberg and Fran Drescher round out the cast of spooky guests.

The film is rated PG which I highly suggest you pay attention to!  If you have a little one who is remotely scared of monsters on the big screen, you may want to skip this film. Unless, you just want to spend a lot of money only to leave before you can get comfy in your seat.  If your child isn’t phased by any scary monsters, then by all means,  grab a ticket and see this film.  I hope to catch Hotel Transylvania again – the whole film –  after the film is released on DVD.

Hotel Transylvania opens in a theater near you on September, 28th 2012.



Hotel Transylvania – My Two Cents on the First 30 Minutes. — 2 Comments

  1. Corbin was really scared! I felt like a total heal for taking him along. Nothing like some Momma Guilt to make you feel like a real winner…NOT! And yes, I’d loved to have seen Fran.

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