Easter Eggs, Sandy Beaches and Tattoos

As a kid, we never went anywhere for spring break. And I mean nowhere.  I don’t have any memories of any fun filled getaways with the family.  Our family just didn’t do a lot of traveling.  Fast forward about 30 years, and my life is a completely different story in the travel department.  Since getting married 9-years-ago, Mark and I have made it a priority to travel and explore as much as possible.   However, it took me having a child to get into the full swing of what spring break really means.

New York City Schools usually have their spring break over the Easter/Passover holiday.  This year, Corbin skipped out of school early and we headed back to Arkansas to catch up with friends and family.  I have to say Easter is one of my favorite times of the year.

Three Amigos

Growing up, Easter meant a new Sunday dress was being made, the flowers were beginning to bloom, a big family get together with a lot of cousins was pending, the farmers were starting to scratch the dirt and for the most part the weather was shear perfection.  This year was no exception. Our time spent in Arkansas was full of sweet memories for me. And for Corbin, I think he made a few for himself.

Cunningham Cousins

We camped out overnight in Carlisle with my parents and celebrated Easter on Sunday morning.  Easter lunch was fantastic. There is no shortage of amazing cooks in my family and the food was delicious.  In what can only be described as speed visiting, I caught up with almost all of my aunts, uncles and cousins.

The church service was less that uplifting as Father referred to anyone who’d had premarital sex as a prostitute!  I wish I were kidding but sadly, I’m not.  I’d heard a similar sermon from him once before during a Christmas mass.  I thought maybe he saved this type of sermon for the holidays because he had a big crowd.  I was later informed that he gives basically the same sermon each week.

The farmers were all in the fields, too.  Some fields were being planted while others were already being watered.

Let the Farm Season Begin

And I feel certain if you listen closely you can hear the farmers already complaining about it either being too wet, dry, hot or cold.  Farmers are the most unsatisfied group of people you will ever meet!

We said our goodbyes, gave everyone a hug and a kiss and headed to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where we set up camp for the week.  It’s a place we’ve visited several times before and always enjoy.  Once you land you are quickly transported into a different pace of life.

Ftl Lauderdale

Our Atlantic View

Everyone is in their shorts, swimsuits and flip flops.  The biggest challenge of the day is securing some chairs and an umbrella by the pool.  It’s a tough gig, but I’m happy to do it for at least a week!

When you travel during spring break you have to get a souvenir, right?  I’m not sure who came up with the idea but we all got a tattoo…semi-permanent of course.  After a stroll down the beach, Mark and Corbin returned.   A few moments later, Corbin rolled up his sleeve to show me his scorpion tattoo!!

corbin and mark

Unveiling of the Tattoo

He was obviously very proud.  He informed me that Mark was getting one the next day and that he had also picked one out for me.  Before I immediately shot down Corbin’s idea of ME getting a tattoo, I thought for a moment back to a time in my life when I really wanted a real tattoo.  Thankfully that never materialized so the idea of a tattoo with no long term commitment was fine with me.

Corbin walked into the shop and showed me the one he’d chosen.  It was half skeleton and half pin up girl.  I opted out and picked the flaming heart.  The sales clerk inked me up, told me to let it dry and that it would last for about 3 weeks.

heart tattoo

My Tattoo

I hope it only lasts for 3 weeks.  It’s big and dark and I’m glad it’s not permanent!  I highly recommend the tattoo as a souvenir.  After all, how many spring break t-shirts do you really need?

I hope when Corbin is my age and on vacation with his children he will look back on his adventures with Mom and Dad and have great memories.  In the end, it’s not the things we acquire or money that we make, it’s the experiences we share with each other that make for a rich, well lived life.

Do you have a favorite spring break story?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear about it!

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