Saying Farewell From Up Here

Hearing the news that someone you know has died is never easy.  Especially when that person is young, in the prime of their life and not battling a serious illness.  My friend, Jacques, died Friday in an accident on his farm.  I am still in shock about the news. He was 56-years-old.

Classic Jacques

I think back to others that have passed on suddenly and the list gets long quicker than I had originally thought.  My Uncle Dan, Maw Maw, Mrs. Sue (favorite catechism teacher), Todd (family friend), Mike (Jacques’ friend) and Kevin(friend’s brother) all have passed away unexpectedly. The passing of these loved ones and friends always seems to grab you by the heart and remind you that each day really is a gift.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed. If I have something I have been putting off doing, these times remind me to get after it and make it happen.

Being that I couldn’t make Jacques funeral today, I opted for a local memorial instead.  Corbin and I stopped by St. Patrick’s Cathedral today and lit some candles in his memory.

Corbin asked if we could also tie some Legos to a balloon and send them up to heaven.  I told Corbin I didn’t have a balloon big enough to make it all the way to heaven, but that Jacques would probably appreciate the suggestion.

Rest in peace my friend.  You will be dearly missed by your family and friends.



Saying Farewell From Up Here — 1 Comment

  1. D. J.
    Todd told Jill once that we were afraid of dying, but that he was afraid of not living. I think of that often and I take much more time to “smell the roses” now than I did most of my life. Thank you for remembering Todd in your tribute to
    Jacques. Jacques was on the sandbar that day and helped look for Todd. Now I guess they can share their stories of what really happened on their last days.

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